Aquilae Academy

Are you hungry to see how far you can go and how much you can grow? Would you like to join a selected team of high performing individuals who support each other to achieve their goals?

The Aquilae Academy exists to help ambitious people like you develop your capabilities and perform at your highest level.

We bring together, by invitation only, small groups of leaders of comparable seniority from non-competing organisations to learn new concepts and grow together. They support each other, hold each other accountable and share experiences and challenges.


When you are accepted into a team within the Aquilae Academy, you join a supportive and productive virtual environment in which your Aquilae facilitator will encourage you to:

  • learn new skills and approaches
  • share your experiences
  • tackle your challenges
  • explore new concepts
  • develop your leadership skills
  • continuously improve your performance

Team members commit to their team and the Aquilae Academy process by:

  1. Consistently “showing up” physically, mentally and authentically at sessions.
  2. Treating any sensitive information shared and discussed by the team with the utmost confidence.
  3. Proactively using new tools and exploring new concepts that are introduced to the group.
  4. Sharing feedback (both positive, and constructive) about their experience of practising new behaviours.
  5. Holding each other accountable to the commitments made to the group.

We hold our teammates’ feet to the fire of their best intentions!

Three pillars form the basis of the Academy’s structural integrity:


We focus on building strong connections between the team members so that they know and trust each other and care enough to hold each other accountable. We also work on helping them to make a connection between the concepts and theories that we introduce, and their real-life situations. This ensures that they know how to apply the new learning to maximum benefit.


Based on the challenges that team members are facing and the directions in which they want to develop, we introduce content that is highly relevant and practical. This content encompasses new concepts, models, theories, and paradigms. We present the content through a mixture of media in order to support different ways of learning, and to maintain levels of interest and inspiration. This may include mini lectures and articles, podcasts, talks, books and interviews with expert guest speakers.


Our third pillar is coaching. We coach the team members and encourage them to coach each other, to make the connections between the content and their challenges and to remove some of the blockers that might be affecting their performance.

Aquilae Academy team members experience the following benefits:

  • A blend of trust, accountability and consequential high performance which influences their own leadership style and results
  • High-calibre peers who stretch them to develop themselves
  • A range of leadership personalities that helps them to recognise and understand different styles
  • A safe environment in which to practise behavioural agility
  • Being held accountable by their peers for the performance enhancements they each commit to make
  • Rigorous connection between theory and practice to help them apply new concepts to their own situations
  • The positive impact of new behaviours on their relationships with colleagues, family and friends
  • Timely coaching related to their specific challenges
  • Exposure to alternative networks, cultures, processes and technologies across a breadth of non-competing industries

The Academy introduces team members to the latest thinking, helps them put new ideas into practice, and holds them accountable for practising and sharing their new skills. Their capability grows as a result of “training” with their Academy team, directly benefiting them and the organisations they are part of.

Even though our participants don’t work together as a team in their day jobs, we consider each group of peers in the Academy to be just that, a team. We refer to them as a team and we build them as team.

We like to use the analogy of a group of distance runners who train together but then go out and each run their individual races. By training together, they help each other to raise their performance.

In the same way that professional teams have shared objectives that are for the good of their organisations, Academy teams have the shared objective to develop themselves and each other.

You could say we turn individual development into a team sport!

If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for for yourself or someone you want to develop, let’s talk.

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